The Artistry Loft





The Artistry Loft is a natural light studio space. At this time we are only allowing for a small number of select photographers to rent the space.

This bright and spacious studio is filled with gorgeous natural light.  The studio is illuminated with natural lighting from both south and west facing windows and is equipped with black-out shades. The artistry loft offers three separate rooms. There is an in-person sales room that is perfect for client meetings. It is equipped with a sofa and chairs and a large TV for showing your images, this room also serves a waiting room. The shooting area consists of our main room which is very spacious. It is filled with beautiful natural light and white walls. Our third room is also filled with beautiful natural light and it is set-up like a bedroom with a pretty white bed, this room is perfect for boudoir. We have several pieces of natural colored furniture available and we plan to add more. The studio also has a private bathroom. *Please note that the owners also have a boutique that is located in the back of the studio and they may be on the premises at the time of your rental. 

Located in Scotts Valley, CA which is just 20 minutes south of Los Gatos. We are in the Scotts Valley Junction shopping center which houses restaurants, Starbucks, and a market. 




  • Filled with beautiful natural light
  • Blackout shades
  • Large reflector
  • In-Person Sales Room w/ flat screen TV
  • Separate bedroom with a white bed. Perfect for boudoir & maternity photography
  • Antique vanity with mirror for hair & makeup styling
  • Dressing room, garment rack, steamer
  • Step Stools
  • WIFI
  • AC/heat unit
  • Located in a great shopping center with Starbucks & restaurants


S P E C S:

  • Approximately 1200 + SQFT
  • Walls: White
  • Floors: Faux Hardwood & White
  • Second Floor with No Elevator Available
  • Private Bathroom
  • Room One – Main shooting area filled with natural light, open floor plan.
  • Room Two – The white bedroom. This room is set-up with antique white bedroom furniture and it is filled with gorgeous natural light.
  • Room Three – This room is perfect for meetings, in-person sales, waiting room or you can even shoot in there as it is also filled with natural light.



  • Photography sessions {lifestyle, boudoir, headshots, commercial, fashion, product etc}
  • Client meetings & in-person sales
  • Small film or video shoot
  • Class/workshop (prior approval required)
  • *Not available for newbirn sessions unless pre-approved.  


We have two entrances, both require a flight of steps. PLEASE inform all your crew about this on your call sheet. We hate explaining we have no elevator to productions when they arrive. It is your responsibility to let everyone in the production know this as it is a very important piece of information that everyone should be aware of especially if you have large art department or grip that needs to load in. 


AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT:  *(please let us know prior to your rental if you need these items so that we can set them up)

  • 6 Ft. Folding Tables
  • Folding Chairs


ADD-ON ITEMS:  (not included in base rental price)

  • Large wardrobe collection. Features beautiful dresses and gowns in various sizes, lingerie, floral and lace robes, pretty bralettes, bridal veils, and more!



 We have an in-house hair and makeup artist.  Please inquire if you are in need of any of these services. You are also welcome to bring your own stylist.



  • All booking start and end times are inclusive of set up and clean up time. You must reserve enough time to clean and vacate the space by the end of your reservation.
  • The main rule is simple – leave the space as you received it. The client is responsible for cleaning up all messes, mopping and sweeping floors if necessary, and taking out all trash.
  • Be kind & respectful of our neighbors in the building.
  • No smoking whatsoever is allowed in the building or inside of the studio.
  •  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  •  Music is to be kept at reasonable levels.
  • The spaceThe studio may not be used for pornography or production of pornographic content!
  • We have a beautiful wardrobe that is available for an add-on rental and it is NOT included in the base rental price. Any use of the wardrobe without the add-on rental fee will be billed accordingly.
  • If anything is moved, items must be returned to their original location. Please be mindful of walls and the studio floors. Please do not slide furniture across the floor, pick it up to move it.
  • Please let us know of any repairs, maintenance, or damage in the studio. If you find something that needs attention, please let us know so soon as possible.
  • You are responsible for your own camera equipment and can bring in your own photography setups.
  • There is a clothing boutique located within the studio, this area has its own entrance and if off limits.
  • Doors must be LOCKED upon leaving.
  • Any damages will be assessed and charged accordingly.