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I finally got around to doing a  photo session with my sweet girls.
Once we arrived to the filed location I was very disappointed. The field was so dry and ugly in person, I could not imagine that it would photograph well. The lighting was also extremely bright and harsh and I just was not feeling it and it did not have the look that I had envisioned. I decided to go ahead and take some shots since we were there and my girls were dressed and ready. After photographing for a few minutes I just gave up and decided that we would try again on another day at a different location. When we got home I went through the images and to my shocking surprise there were a few that I loved.

Here are my sweet girls Kinley and Hadley.

Since they both love playing music and they are extremely creative I wanted to capture who they are. I loved that they actually sat there playing music in the field as I was photographing the.
I am so happy that my girls have a love and an appreciation for music.

Girls Playing Flute & Guitar - www.aimeepoolphoto.comGirl Playing Flute - www.aimeepoolphoto.comGirl Playing Guitar - www.aimeepoolphoto.comGirl Playing Guitar - www.aimeepoolphoto.comGirl Playing flute -
Girl Carrying Guitar in Field - www.aimeepoolphoto.comSisters walking in field -

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Aimee will also travel to clients homes for newborn and motherhood sessions on a case by case basis.
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