Project 52 | Week One

I am super excited to be participating in Project 52 this year with a wonderful group of women from Santa Cruz Click Chicks. Each week we will get out our cameras to capture a different theme for the next 52 weeks. I am so excited to do this challenge and to see how each one of us interprets the theme differently.

The theme for week one is NEWNESS/HOPE

I will admit that I was really struggling with this theme. All of my creativity was gone and I could not think of something interesting to photograph for Newness/Hope. The photo that I came up with is where I drive all of my hope from and that is in God’s word. I decided that I would photograph a verse from the bible along with the new bibles that my girls just got for Christmas. I am making a commitment to participate in each theme for next 52 weeks. I figure that the real challenge lies in finding my creativity even when I do not like the theme. It would totally defeat the purpose if I only participated when I liked it.

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