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I love pretty things and I especially love getting pretty packages. When I opened my studio it was a priority to me to come up with beautiful packaging that I would feel proud to hand over to my clients. When my clients arrive to my studio I want them to feel special from start to finish and I want them to walk away with a great impression.

It is important to me that my packaging and my studio reflect a boutique like feel and that is why I find myself tweaking it all of the time in order to get it just right.

When putting together your packaging I found that it is best to puck two or three colors and carry it through. I believe that simple is more and that a pretty ribbon goes a long way. Choose a style and a color scheme and go with it.


Ribbons, paper flowers, mini mason jars, washi tape, bakers twine, luxe stickers from Miller’s and my cute little flash drives!

Custom Flash Drives with logo are from flashbay

White Mailing Boxes – 8 x 7 x 3″ White Literature Mailers from uline

clear top tins

 Mini Mason are from Michael’s

stickers and marketing material (Miller’s Luxe Line)

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