New Photography Packaging & Branding

I am super excited about my new photography branding and packaging! When I decided to expand my little photography business by offering studio sessions I felt that it was time for a new look. I have been working on my photography packaging and branding for two moths now and I am super excited that I am almost done. I still have few little things that I am finishing up but the overall look has it’s taken form and I am really excited about it!

The creation of my new logo was the most difficult part for me. I spent weeks going back and forth on different concepts and colors. I was so thrilled once I finally made my decision. Putting together the packaging was the fun part but it was also a little overwhelming as there as many different options. I am happy with what I have come up with but I know that I will still be tweaking it a little bit here and there.

I LOVE my new flash drives. You just twist and turn to open.


I love all of the pretty details.

Ribbons, paper flowers, mini mason jars, washi tape, bakers twine, luxe stickers from Miller’s and my cute little flash drives!

Custom Flash Drives with logo are from FlashBay

White Mailing Boxes – 8 x 7 x 3″ White Literature Mailers from Uline

Clear Top Tins

Stickers and Marketing Material (Miller’s Luxe Line)

15 Replies to “New Photography Packaging & Branding”

  1. Kimberly Burger

    Came to seee your packing from CM! Aimee!! It is BEAUTIFUL! Excellent Job! Looked thru your galleries too! Stunning!Great work Aimee & I think I have a new favorite! 🙂

  2. Morgan

    Beautiful packaging! Would you mind sharing where you buy your boxes & the “filler” (not sure what it’s actually called).

  3. ally

    love love love this!!!! the colors are great…I can’t seem to find anything like this on miller’s site. am i looking in the wrong place? would you mind sending a link? thanks a ton! have a good night!

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