The Beach
This beach has beautiful has natural rocks and cliffs that add lovely texture into the images.  
Depending on the time of year we can sometimes access the beautiful field at the beach. 




Beach Location 2
This breathtaking beach is off of the coast of HWY 1. It is surrounded by tall and rocky cliffs. There is a sprawling trail that that leads down to the beach. This beach is is a little bit of a farther drive but it never disappoints.


Beach Location 3

This beach is absolutely gorgeous. It is located off of the coast of HWY 1.
This beach has a long sprawling coast line with beautiful cliff and rock formations.
To access this beach you have to climb down a steep trail so it is not recommended for maternity sessions.



The Ranch/Field
This beautiful ranch location offers a variety of beautiful backdrops. It has gorgeous sunlit trails, fields a pond, large logs and more. 

 ~ The look of the field changes seasonally from bright green all the way to brown.
Photos below shoe below
Row 1: Summer Session
Row 2: Spring Session




The River
The gorgeous river is surround by lush tress and foliage and has pretty rocks to add interest and texture.