Q: Do you shoot with natural light or studio light?
a: I shoot with 100{d19be8a1e943d809818041b8b7e81bff82ff18a446b3bbbbd4715db838ab3b97} natural light. I have worked with studio lighting in the past but I have found that it does not suit me and my style.

Q: What program do you use to edit your images?
a: Typically I edit my RAW images in Lightroom 4 but I do all of my creative editing in Photoshop CS6.  Sometimes I edit my RAW images in ACR, and I use Photo Mechanic to cull my images.

Q: How to you get that warm and soft look in your images?
a: This is not a simple answer that I would be able to explain in an email. It has taken me years to find my image processing style. I am happy to show you how I edit in one of my online Skype sessions or during a mentorships.

Q: Do you sell any actions?
a: Not yet but I am working on it.

Q: Do you offer online mentoring or in-person workshops?
a: Yes, I sure do! You can check it out HERE

Q: Where do you get your fur rugs?
a: Most of my rugs are called float rugs. I have purchased mine at a few different online stores such as Rugs USA, Overstock and Amazon.

Q: What camera and lenses do you shoot with?
a- Camera: Canon Mark iii
a- Lenses: 50mm 1.2, 28-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 100 macro. All L lenses.

Q: How did you get so many facebook fans? Do you buy fans or pay to advertise your page?
a: I honestly do not know how or why my page is growing as fast as it is. I am shocked by it on a daily basis and sometimes it gives me anxiety. I do not do any paid advertising here on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. I have never bought my fans nor would ever want to do that. I only want people on my page who are genuinely interested in my photography so I want them to come to me organically.

Q: Are you accepting new prop designers to work with?
a: Right now I am very happy with the designers that I am currently working with. If you create something that you think fits my organic and natural style please email me for consideration.

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