Change is in the air

Wow! a lot has changed in a year!

A year ago this month I sold my online children’s boutique of 9 years and I made the decision to really give my all to my photography business and see where that would take me. As I sit here and reflect back over the past year I cannot believe how much has changed. I started out without a real clear direction of what my style was to now having that very defined for me. I have meet some amazing people and learned from some of the BEST in the industry and I am lucky enough to now call them my friends. I put my heart and soul into all that I do everyday and I strive to improve and better myself as a person, friend, photographer and business person. I want to thank everyone that has supported me over the past year. I have made some mistakes and I have made clients wait longer than they should for images as I try hard to learn how to juggle it all. So thank you all. I am excited that things are starting to fall into place and I am excited that I am going to be working with an assistant who will help me maintain the business side of things so that I can focus on the creative side that I love so much.

With that being said some change is in the air…

I started shooting in a studio setting one year ago and this is what I have come to learn. I am a natural light photographer, I always have been and I always will be. I have had the opportunity to photograph with studio lights and as constant as they are it is just not my personal style. I love seeing light, I love sunflares and hazy skies and love the warm and dreamy images that it creates. Natural light is what drives my passion and makes me excited. Being able to find the light and use it to make images beautiful is my love.

Going forward I will only be scheduling newborn sessions and babies one year and younger in my natural light studio. All other sessions will be on location. I love my studio but I love being outside more. In order for me to create images that will reflect my style and give my clients photos that I am proud of I need to stay true to who I am as a photographer. Studio backdrops and props are cute and I have nothing against them but I is not me and it is not the type of images that I want to create. Photography is an art for me and I want all of my work to reflect that. I know that by doing this I will lose some clients and I will perhaps not book as many sessions but after much thought and consideration I know that this is what is right for me and my business.

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